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May 18, 2021

Spilled Milk: Wedding Dress Mistakes

Mistakes we noticed (or made ourselves) along the way, shared with you so you don’t repeat them

When I began planning my own wedding (a 150 guest destination bash in New Orleans) I had no experience in the industry, nor had I attended many weddings. With some research and the help of my sisters, fiancé, and friends we pulled off a five day celebration that will go down in the history books on both sides of our families. We were super proud of the party we threw, but along the way we made some mistakes, and I want to share them with you so you don’t repeat them.

After my wedding I took all of the edited photos I had (thanks Spark and Tumble) and arranged them into a volume using Artifact Uprising, a California company that makes it easy and affordable to create a beautifully designed custom tome. I love having the book on my bookshelf, to flip through at my leisure and relive the day I spent close to a year planning. It’s also wonderful to watch other people look through it, seeing what details capture their attention. As I watch them flip the pages, even though I should be awash with pride, in some photos I’m cringing. There are a few details that slipped through the cracks, and sure, it’s no big deal, but when you’ve invested so much time and energy of course you want everything to be perfect. Side note: if I had had a planner, it would have been. 

Today we will talk about the dress.

#1 Put your dress on a nice looking hanger

As you can see here, I left my dress on the white paper hanger that came from the dry cleaner and now that is what is featured in this photo. You can buy beautiful gold or silver hangers, or have one with your name if you like something cuter, but a normal, wooden hanger will do just fine. It’s something small, but worth paying attention to.

While we’re talking about dresses…

No items found.

#2 Find a GREAT tailor

I put in some effort to find a tailor, reading yelp reviews, searching online, asking around, but ultimately I gave up before I found someone great. I was happy with some aspects of my alteration, but I absolutely hated the bustling on my dress and by the time I had it in hand, it was too late. The worst part is, I knew things weren’t going well along the way, my tailor wasn’t seeing eye to eye with me and I should have bailed. Lesson learned.

In the end, you spend so much time, energy and money on that damn dress it should shine in the photos you get back and in your memory.

Happy Planning!

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