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May 16, 2021

Kid Parades

There are three reasons to consider a kid parade at your wedding
Photo Credit: Julia Robbs
Photo Credit: Julia Robbs

A few years ago, I was invited to a beautiful wedding in California for my friends Kate + Ryan. Their Ojai celebration was breathtaking, and watching them exchange their vows under a canopy of green and light was picture perfect. Their celebration reflected their union perfectly, accenting their shared love of hiking. They also folded family into the ceremony, featuring a piano solo by Ryan’s brother. The guest book was a watercoloring station. All of the details were spot on (Holler at BashPlease, planning and design) but my favorite moment of the day was the whimsical kid parade.

I remember in the beginning of planning Kate was stressing because she had so many children who were instrumental in her life and didn’t know how to honor all of them during the ceremony. Eventually, she came to the idea of creating a “kid parade” complete with tambourines, streamers, noisemakers and flower crowns. It was such a fun way to complete the processional and brought a lot of joy to the moment just before Kate entered.

Three reasons to consider a kid parade at your wedding:

Kids Choke

No matter how many times you practice, on wedding day when your niece or nephews steps into the aisle and see hundreds of eyes on them, most will melt down. It’s a big, pregnant moment and kids (understandably) crumble under the pressure. It’s way easier to get a big group of kids down the aisle- safety in numbers!

A Moment of Joy

Wedding ceremonies can have an implicit somberness. If you want to lighten the mood, a kid parade is a great moment of levity and cheer, especially when you add in adorable props or a “Here she comes” banner.

The Perfect Primer

As the last person walking into the room, following a kid parade can give you a great high point on which to enter. The mood of your guests will fill the room, and you will notice if they have big smiles on their faces.

Happy Planning!

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